From Writing to Editing

We can respond to a wide variety of needs such as transcribing the contents of speech, translating the texts into different languages and video editing. Our editing software are Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. We can also create subtitles or dubbing for videos.

Filming and Video Production

We can create excellent videos for your corporation PR, products PR, product manuals, instruction manuals for your devices, and others. We can handle the entire process from the planning through to filming and video editing according to your budget. When creating a video at a video production company, it can be difficult to create a foreign language version of the movie due to the compatibility of movie editing software or copyright issues. At Diaz, however, there is no such issues with video production. Creation of foreign language version of movie includes translating Japanese subtitles and audio into foreign languages. At Diaz, we create the entire video, so this translation work goes very smoothly. The foreign language version will keep the quality of the original video, so it will give a great impression to your clients overseas.