Diaz’s Patent Translation

Diaz was initially established as a patent translation department of Technoresearch Co., Ltd. For 35 years since its establishment, we have improved our skills regarding patent translation and accumulated the relevant know-how. Patent translation is our essential part and what we are most good at. Translators are all certified, and we eliminate careless mistakes and improve the translation quality through second and third checks. In addition, we are strengthening teamwork between staff who work on the same task so that they can closely contact and collaborate with each other to proceed with the work. We can handle translation of any patent-related documents, from publications for research materials, office actions, to lawsuit documents as well as application specifications.

Technical fields

Machinery, Electrical and Electronic, Chemistry, Information Technology, Biology, Medical, and others

ISO 17100 Certified

We have acquired ISO 17100, the international certification for translation services for patent and IP translation services (EN→JP, JP→EN). Except for urgent requests with exceptional instructions, our translation procedures are based on ISO specifications.