Diaz was initially established as a patent translation department of Technoresearch Co., Ltd. For 35 years since its establishment, we have improved our skills regarding patent translation and accumulated the relevant know-how. Patent translation is our essential part and what we are most good at. Translators are all certified, and we eliminate careless mistakes and improve the translation quality through second and third checks. In addition, we are strengthening teamwork between staff who work on the same task so that they can closely contact and collaborate with each other to proceed with the work. We can handle translation of any patent-related documents, from publications for research materials, office actions, to lawsuit documents as well as application specifications.
Technical Fields: Machinery, Electrical and Electronic, Chemistry, Information Technology, Biology, Medical

Instruction Manuals

We have many qualified translators with a technical background, and that is our strong point. Our translators correctly understand the technical contents and can clearly and concisely translate them for users. The final checker has passed a technical communication certification exam. We are also experts in using MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) so as to reproduce the final translated document to match the format of the original source document as closely as possible.

Contract Documents

We are also reputable for our services in legal contracts due to our pool of expert translators. They accurately understand the intention of the original documents and will provide a clear and concise translation. Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with.

Copy of Family Register and Other Documents for Certification

We can translate documents that are to be submitted to different countries or municipalities. We accept all types of original documents and can reproduce the original format beautifully in MS Excel or Word. We can provide you with our certificate seal, declaration, and others in order to meet the submission requirements too. We can also act as your proxy and get the documents certified at the notary office for you.
Examples: Copy of family register, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, copy of register book, articles of association


We are offering interpretation services in English or Chinese around Hamamatsu City. Usually, our staff member is in charge. We will do our best to respond to any urgent requests as much as we can. Because we just started doing interpretation and are now in training, we’re afraid we do not have advanced abilities regarding interpretation. We, therefore, would like you to understand and feel the advantage in costs.

Multilingual Video Production

We are producing multilingual videos

Our translation company has a history of 40 years in business. We have learned the importance of language through the work of translation. Now we have started a multilingual video production service making full use of the power of language. The selling point of the videos we produce is our ability to “communicate correctly.” Throughout pre-production, production, and post-production, a single supervisor takes responsibility for the whole work process. Other production companies are capable of this same process. However, we can demonstrate our true strength through our multilingual development process. Scripts are translated by a native translator for each language and checked by other bilinguals. Translations are checked once more before doing narration. For foreign language narration, we make full use of our network, so it is often done by foreigners who have a solid understanding of Japanese culture and live in the vicinity. As a result, we are aware of the subtle differences between written and spoken languages and are able to make immediate corrections to both subtitles and narrations. Since this work process is done by a single supervisor (project manager), all the work can be made consistent. Even when it is necessary to make corrections to finished videos, we centrally manage everything from video recording to translation, so we can respond promptly and accurately. Please try our video production service.

Sample Movies

We have previously made a PR video for a tea farmer in Shizuoka Prefecture. Assuming that it will be released on YouTube and other streaming sites, we have summarized the key points briefly. In addition, explanations are included in both subtitles and narrations so that videos can be enjoyed with or without audio. Narrations are not done by so-called professional narrators, but by amateur narrators recruited from our own staff or translators living nearby. While this does not ensure the same power and presence of a professional narrator, the cost is made cheaper. Of course, we can also recruit professional narrators. It is no exaggeration to say that sound dominates the impression made by a video. For that reason it is best to hire a professional narrator. However, we expect there are many projects where controlling the budget is important. In that case, movies like these samples would be preferable. We can provide the best service according to your budget. We can also assist you in calculating the cost difference. Please feel free to contact us. Estimates are free of charge.

This is a sample with Japanese subtitles and Japanese narrations.

This is a sample of English subtitles and narrations by an American native speaker.
This narrator isn't professional, but isn't it attractive enough?

This is a sample of English subtitles and narrations by our Japanese staff. When introducing Japanese culture, reading aloud by a Japanese person is one option. English is a world language, so English with a Japanese accent is also a good English. Please be assured that we will confirm that the English is fully transmittable.

This is a sample of Chinese subtitles and narrations by our Chinese staff. This staff is a translator, not a professional narrator. This is her first time to narrate. But isn't it good?